AVTS Roadworthy Stations has just opened its new branch at 86 Sir Lowry Road, Cape Town, near the Good Hope Centre.  Certificates of roadworthiness are required for vehicles that change ownership.  This is either done by the buyer or the seller.  In addition, taxis and trucks are required to be tested annually, while buses are tested 6-monthly.

Roadworthy test requirements

What are the requirements for roadworthy, in addition to preparing the vehicle?

  • The ID document of the person bringing the vehicle.
  • The License Disk on the vehicle should still be valid, or within 21 days of its expiry date.
  • If the License is not valid, a 3 day temporary permit from any Registering Authority
  • The test fee, depending on the vehicle type.

At AVTS, the test for a light motor vehicle takes approximately 20 minutes and the paperwork another 10 minutes.  If the vehicle passes, it will be declared roadworthy on the eNatis system immediately.  If it has defects, you will be given a Defects List and be requested to submit the repaired vehicle for a FREE re-test within 14 days of the first test.

How Vehicle Roadworthy tests are properly done at AVTS

Since 2017, there has been enhancements in the way vehicle roadworthy tests are done. For the last 2 years, in addition to having an Application form, a Roadworthiness test sheet and possibly a Defects list, a test station is also required to keep a VISUAL IMAGE of the vehicle with its test records.  This is required to prove that the vehicle was physically present at the test station for the roadworthiness test.  The image is also required to have the date and time recorded on it.

This is one of the ways that the integrity of test stations and their vehicle examiners are protected, and is a good way of ensuring that a genuine declaration of roadworthiness is issued for a vehicle that was physically presented.

Another addition is a brake test report.  Instead of a vehicle examiner capturing the brake readings by writing it on the test sheet, he activates the brake roller tester to print out the actual readings.  In this way, the results cannot be manipulated.

So, the next time you go for a roadworthy test, and a picture is being taken of your vehicle, you know the reason.  If this is not being done, the test station is out of compliance.

Ensure your family’s safety by supporting test stations of integrity; ask your dealer for an AVTS Roadworthy, insist on it!