Roadworthy Testing

  • Required on change of ownership
  • Required annually for goods vehicles of more than 3500kg
  • Required annually for taxis
  • Required 6-monthly for buses
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Roadworthy Plus 50

  • Includes 50 additional points to the roadworthy test; including quality items and not only safety items
  • Recommended on a Private to Private purchase
  • Required by financial institutions for private deals
  • Download sample form
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TIM Assessments

  • Detailed condition assessment
  • Photographs of all damages
  • Photographs of all extras (keys, fittings, spare wheels etc)
  • Photographs of mileage
  • Pdf report can be emailed to any email address

Brake and Suspension Testing

  • When only a partial test is required
  • Brake test includes a Brake Test report
  • Suspension test will indicate wear on suspension and steering components

Electronic Diagnostics

  • Process whereby access is gained to the electronic computer system of a vehicle
  • Detailed information on all systems, and any malfunctioning of any electronic system
  • Braking system and Fuel Management system are 2 examples

Free Safety Test

  • Offered just before Easter and before the Festive season
  • Intended to ensure that motorists are aware of defects and can repair these before embarking on their holiday journeys
  • Not a full roadworthy test; only the 10 most critical safety features assessed.

Microdot Fitment

  • Microdots are tiny high-tech dots, encoded with a specific pin number, which when applied to a vehicle will provide it with a unique identification
  • 10 000 dots are sprayed onto the vehicle on different locations, and not on the paintwork
  • Required on all vehicles manufactured after 1 September 2012
  • Required on all vehicles requiring Police Clearance

Number Plates

  • Offered at Kenilworth, Airport and Table View branches

Weighing of Vehicles

  • Offered at the Airport branch only

Registration Services

  • Registering Authority at the Airport branch
  • Open from 08h30 to 15h30 daily, and until 11h30 on Saturdays

One-Stop Service

  • If you have a complex request, requiring more than one of our services, for example; Microdot Fitment, Weighing of the Vehicle, Roadworthy Testing, Police Clearance and Licensing and Registration, speak to the Branch Manager to give you a quotation for a combination of our services.

Police Clearance Services

  • Skip the effort, stress and queues of the South African Police Clearance centres
  • AVTS will take all the steps necessary to obtain a Clearance on your behalf
  • Pre-booking and pre-arrangement with the Branch Manager required