Light motor vehicles and motor-cycles can be tested at any of the AVTS branches. Heavy motor vehicles can only be tested at the Airport and Strand branches.

Examiners will be looking for the following during your test:


While pre-booking can save you time, you are free to arrive at any branch for a test during its opening hours. The test takes approximately 20 minutes, and the paperwork another 10 minutes. If the vehicle passes, it will be declared roadworthy on the eNatis system immediately. If it has defects, you will be given a defects list, and be requested to effect repairs, and resubmit the vehicle for a FREE retest within 14 days.

The applicant (the person who brings the vehicle for a test) needs to have their ID document, and the vehicle being submitted for testing is required to have a valid and current licence. If the vehicle is unlicenced, please obtain a temporary permit at any registering authority.

Validity period of a certification of roadworthiness
The validity period of a roadworthy is 60 days.  If the roadworthy expires before it is used for change of ownership or for the renewal of annual licences, a new roadworthy will be required where another full test will be done.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions