Customers who come for a roadworthy test at the AVTS Wingfield branch, will soon benefit from a free electronic car diagnostic check. The process will see all the data of the vehicle systems being accessed, and a condition assessment given for each of the systems. It will identify defects or indicate that all is in order.  The diagnostics tool being used connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the vehicle. A report will be provided which will then act as a guide for those aspects of the vehicle that need attention.

The service was launched at AVTS Wingfield, with demonstrations on several makes of vehicles.  This service is being offered free of charge to customers that come for a roadworthy test, and who do not receive any trade, fleet, pensioner or student discount and will be available from the 1st April to 30th May 2019.  While any arriving customer can be served, it is preferable to make a booking requesting the branch of Wingfield, and selecting the A-lane-Wingfield option.

AVTS is positioning its Wingfield branch as a centre of excellence for car diagnostic checks. The team, headed by Test Station Manager, Brandon Oliver have a strong interest in adding value to motorists, and in helping them get to know the condition of their vehicle.

A small extract of the Car Diagnostic check report is given below.  For enquiries, please contact us or call the branch on 021-592 4522.

Electronic Car Diagnostic Report